When looking for a Sewage Treatment Plant, Septic Tank or Rainwater Harvesting System it’s really helpful to have the basic information on the different systems and products in the market.    What is even more helpful, are the technical documents which help make the final decision on the best product for you.

Each of the Harlequin range of Sewage Treatment Plants, Septic Tanks and Rainwater Harvesting Systems products are all detailed on the www.harlequinwater.com website within the Sewage Treatment and Rainwater Harvesting sections of the site.  Here you will find details of the product, its benefits and specification.

Depending on your needs as a Homeowner, Architect or Specifier you may require that bit more detail from a technical document such as drawings or instructions in order to make the right decision about your Harlequin purchase.

New Technical Page

We’ve now made our website a lot more accessible and useful for you. To the right of each product listing, there is a ‘Technical info’ button.  Simply click this button, follow the instructions and you will be taken to our new Technical Downloads area, where you will be able to immediately access the, drawings, specifications, certificates and installation instructions for each product.

Need Technical info now?

Visit our technical page now by clicking the link below:

Technical Info Request

Require more information or a quote? 

Contact us by calling, 028 9261 1077, or email, info@harlequin-mfg.com



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