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HydroClear 20

Producing an excellent pollutant removal level of 97%, wastewater from bathrooms, toilets laundry and kitchens feeds directly into the HydroClear 20 treatment plant.  From here it travels through 3 treatment chambers, finally being discharged through either a soakaway or directly into a stream.  Easy to both install and maintain with low operating costs, and only needs desludged every 6 months, depending on occupancy.

Inhabitants: 13-20

EN12566-3 Certified



Virtually Silent Operation

High performance diaphragm blowers are used and housed in the turrets achieving a virtually silent operation.


The system is hermetically sealed, coupled with a market leading treatment performance eliminates odour.

MBBR Technology

Moving Bed Biological Reactor (MBBR) systems are self-cleaning and unable to become blocked through channeling unlike most fixed film media system.

Class Leading Performance

Producing an excellent 97% pollutant removal level, the final effluent can be directly discharged into a stream or soakaway.

Low Maintenance Costs

Chamber 1 capacity is as much as 66% larger than other plants, making desludging intervals up to three times longer saving the owner significant costs.

Power Failure Default

The system keeps performing as a Septic Tank in the event of a power failure.

How it Works 

Chamber 1 | Primary Settlement

Wastewater enters the treatment plant’s primary chamber.  As the water passes through this chamber solid matter sinks to the bottom of the tank and begins to decompose.

What is left is clarified water which then passes to the aeration chamber where a biological reaction takes place removing the dissolved constituents.

Chamber 2 | Aeration

Within this chamber there is mobile ‘Filter Media’ and a ‘Bubble Diffuser’. The Filter Media support large bacterial populations while induced air from the Bubble Diffuser promotes complete mixing within the chamber to create a biological reaction and ensure that full treatment is achieved.

*Unlike conventional systems, the Filter Media in the reaction chamber is self-cleaning and unable to become blocked through channelling.

Chamber 3 | Final Settlement

Finally, the treated effluent & bacteria flow into the final chamber where remaining small solids sink to the bottom of the chamber prior to the clarified effluent being discharged from the plant using natural displacement.

Additional information

Inhabitants Served



6 Months

Total Capacity


Organic Load

1200g BODs/day

Energy Used

2.7 kWh/day

Max Hydraulic Load

4,000L per day

NH3 (g/d)






Height to Ground Level