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Harlequin HydroClear | Sewage Treatment Plants

Producing an excellent pollutant removal level of 96.6%, the HydroClear is an excellent sewage treatment plant.  Wastewater from your bathrooms, toilets, laundry and kitchens feeds directly into the plant.  From here it travels through three treatment chambers.  Once treated, wastewater is discharged through a soakaway or directly into a stream.

Having a slim profile enables the plant to be installed at easily and at low cost.  There are 6 sizes in the HydroClear range.  These range from 6 population – 50 population.

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HydroClear 6

HC6 195x195

HydroClear 8

HC8 195x195

HydroClear 12

HC12 195x195

HydroClear 20

HC20 195x154

HydroClear 30

HC30_Installation 195X154

HydroClear 40

HC40_Installation 195X154

HydroClear 50

HC50_Installation 195X154

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