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HydroStore 4500 Garden Harvest

Rainwater Harvesting systems reduce the demand for mains water provision within the home.  By gathering and recycling rainwater, harvesting systems reduce the volume of discharged rainwater and contribute to reduced flood risks.

HydroStore 4500 litre ‘Garden Harvest’ rainwater harvesting system allows the connection of a hose to the pump within the tank to provide recycled rainwater for irrigating lawns/gardens, washing vehicles and other outdoor tasks.

Also, available in Home Harvest Direct and Home Harvest Gravity.


There are three options available in the Harlequin HydroStore Rainwater Harvesting range:

Garden Harvest 

A very simple system that allows the connection of a hose to the pump within the tank to provide water for irrigating lawns, gardens and car washing.

Home Harvest Direct 

When supply of rainwater is exhausted, the ‘Backup in a Box’ unit uses mains water to replenish the tank.  The pump in the tank is then ensured of a constant supply of water to feed washing machines, toilets, garden taps etc.

Home Harvest Gravity 

Using the Rain Director system, rainwater is pumped to a header tank where gravity distributes it to the required water appliances.  This minimises pump on/off cycling, reducing electrical cost and wear on the pump.  The system also ensures that the rainwater tank is replenished with mains water once the stored rainwater is exhausted.

Key benefits

  • High impact strength at low temperatures
  • Calmed inlet reduces turbulence to tank sediment, improving water quality to property
  • Pressure-sensitive pump (turns off if no demand), dry-run protected (turns off if no water detected) for extended service life
  • Pump outlet capable of delivering 2500ltr/hour, nominal 35m head, and 3.5 bar pressure to guarantee reliable, constant and efficient supply
  • Stress free mouldings provide extra strength
  • Lightweight, easy to handle
  • Integrated handling points
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Low maintenance
  • UV protected
  • Recyclable polyethylene

Additional information


4546 litres





Empty tank weight


Inlet invert

830mm (can be reduced)

Pipework fitting


Filter Checking Interval

12 months