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Why store rain water?

With water being a valued commodity many parts of the UK are now charging households for their water usage, Rainwater Harvesting system installation have been on the increase over the recent years.

There are many benefits to storing rain water in a rain water harvesting system, the main one being the saving made on metered water costs which can see up to 50% savings. Other key benefits to harvesting rainwater include contributing to reduced flood risks and lowering the load on combined sewer overflows improving river water quality.


Household Water Usage

It is estimated that 54% of water used in the household can be replaced by using harvested rainwater.  This includes water used for Toilets, washing clothes and gardens.


Tank Sizes

Our Harlequin HydroStore range comes in 6 different capacity sizes, large, shallow and multi tank options.  It is crucial to chose the correct size of tank for your needs. Visit our ‘What size of tank?’ page to work out what size of tank you need.

HydroStore Systems 

Garden Harvest

A very simple system that allows the connection of a hose to the pump within the tank to provide water for irrigating lawns, gardens and car washing.

Home Harvest Direct

When supply of rainwater is exhausted, the ‘Backup in a Box’ unit uses mains water to replenish the tank.  The pump in the tank is then ensured of a constant supply of water to feed washing machines toilets garden taps, etc.

Home Harvest Gravity

Using the Rain Director system, rainwater is pumped to a header tank where gravity distributes it to the required water appliances.  This minimises pump on/off cycling, reducing electrical cost and wear on the pump.  The system also ensures that the rainwater tank is replenished with mains water once the stored rainwater is exhausted.