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Septic tanks were the most common solution for treatment of waste water and sewage where no mains drainage was not available. They are a cost effective but poor performing solution which ultimately cause pollution to the watercourses.

Summer of 2018 has been great in many respects but not so great for water supply across the UK and Northern Ireland. There is a widespread concern over impending water shortage in many parts of UK and Northern Ireland. United Utilities introduced a hosepipe ban, also called a Temporary Use Ban in an effort to

Waste Water Treatment is often a neglected area especially in a self-build project. The onus of treatment and discharge of waste water lies with the homeowner. We have put together a 6-step guide to waste water treatment for that dream self build project. Click here to read and download the self-build guide.

You have installed your sewage treatment plant successfully and have started using it. And, it all seems to be working well. This is where you as customer / house owner have to take responsibility. Don’t forget that maintaining your plant well is key to its long life. The manufacturer’s installation guide will have details of

Harlequin Manufacturing Ltd are now officially members of British Water. It is an indication of the company’s commitment to the water and waste water industry. British Water is the leading association representing suppliers, manufacturers, contractors, consultants and others in the UK water industry supply chain. We will now be abreast of any changes in legislation

The installation of a septic tank or a Sewage Treatment Plant (STP) is considered a very complicated and time-consuming process. This simple guide aims to give a step by step process of installation of a STP. Understanding the legislation The Environment Agency, Scottish Environment Protection Agency and the Northern Ireland Environment Agency have put together

  Guide to Off-Mains Drainage Sewage treatment is the physical, chemical or biological process of removing contaminants from wastewater or sewage. This can be required for domestic, agricultural or commercial properties.  The objective is to produce an environmentally safe fluid.   Who needs a Sewage Treatment Plant? The majority of houses in the UK are

When looking for a Sewage Treatment Plant, Septic Tank or Rainwater Harvesting System it’s really helpful to have the basic information on the different systems and products in the market.    What is even more helpful, are the technical documents which help make the final decision on the best product for you. Each of the